5/22/19 - Over the next several weeks we will be profiling some of our Junior Riders. First up is our very own Brendan Luongo who has been racing, riding, and having an overall great time on the bike with Echelon!

On the Road...with Brendan Luongo

Q: How long have you been riding with Echelon?

A: I have been riding with Echelon for 3 years.

Q: What was your preparation like this season going into crit and road championships?

A: Well, I kicked it off with my first NICA mountain bike race at Vail Lake with South Coast Composite, and got fourth. Then, I did CBR Crit in the spring and got second behind one of the strongest people in my age category, so I knew that I would be ready for my next mountain bike race again at Vail Lake. I got fourth for the second time, hitting the podium twice. This gave me a lot of confidence for Sea Otter. Sea Otter was a road race, so I practiced climbing and did some uphill intervals to practice quick sprints. I proceeded to get second behind someone from Idaho. Not to mention, in front of the person who beat me last race. I also did the mountain bike race, but because of a bad start, and being tired from the road race, I had a tough ride.

For the Crit State Championships, I went to Crit practice to work on my sprints and intervals. At Barrio Logan (Crit State Champs) I managed to clench a podium spot in the sprint with 3rd place behind the two best riders in my division. It was a very technical and close race. My most recent race of the season was Road State Championships in Victorville, in which I did not get podium because I got dropped on the climb, so I will work on my climbing sprints.

Q: Who are some of your toughest competitors?

A: Etzael Godinez, Sebastian Wenger, Blake Becker, Odin Thordarson, etc.

Q: What kind of goals do you have for the rest of the season? Next year/the future?

A: I would like to win a race this season, possibly the Ontario crit, or San Ardo. But some local goals I have is to achieve a sub 20 minute osm or a sub 40 Gibraltar. For the future I would like to become a Cat 3 racer when I am 15 or 16 and keep on progressing in the ranks, eventually Cat 1 or even pro.

Q: What are your other interests/hobbies/passions? Plans for the summer?

A: I love to skate and scooter, and I really enjoy singing and dancing. In the summer I would like to do more Mountain Biking and go to the skatepark!

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